Variety Pack System

Climax Packaging Machinery builds the ONLY proven variety pack systems for the beverage industry. We have multiple stock systems to choose from for glass bottlse, cans and PET. Contact us today to learn how to automate your variety packs for your brewery, beverage or co-packing business.

  • Speeds from 7-50 cases per minute
  • Quick Changeover
  • Proven Systems
  • Affordable Options


Variety Pack System Videos:


Standard Features:

Case indexing system

  • System will automatically index required trays on to infeed conveyor for the Uncaser includes all required conveyor
  • includes (4) manually loaded infeed spurs
  • includes (4) Rocker / Roller indexers
  • includes electronic monitoring system to insure proper trays are indexed into position

Climax Uncaser  — Model EUI-48

  • Electric motor and VFD Main Drive with FOUR uncasing heads
  • Adjustable case stripper device included for the Uncaser.

Single filing conveyors    

  • Includes (1) single filing conveyor for each of the (4) uncasing heads        

Bottle Conveying System

  • Merges single-filed lanes into 4 contiguous lanes for the 4 flavor pack patterns

Throttling conveyor allows control of bottle backpressure on the bottle conveyor of the Robotic case packer

Climax Packer — Model CR-25

  • Includes independent bottle conveyor with VFD to control speed and an interchangeable retractable bottle stop for each bottle size to eliminate line pressure in pick-up area
  • Includes tray conveyor with indexer, case clamps and case stops to control trays entering the packing area.  A second case stop will be mounted upstream to control pressure on the trays in queue in the packing area
  • Includes 50 kilo Robotic Soft Pack Case Packer to pack glass beer bottles
  • Includes end of arm tooling to pick up and softly pack 24 and 12 pack cases of product
  • Includes grid basket elevator
  • Includes required chute baskets for 4 flavor GLASS beer bottle patterns
  • Includes Robot safety cage with interlocks for employee safety
  •  System includes all required PLC’s, VFD’s, pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical devices required to operate the above system.

Climax Packaging Machinery has been building Variety Pack Systems for over 10 years. We have installations all over North America. All of our systems are built for 24/7 operation. While we have current designs we can work off of, every system ends up being a little different than the previous one. Our goal is to give you the best proven system for your product!