Strate Line Case Packer

Climax Packaging designed this soft case packing machine for applications where space is at a premium and volume is up to 8 cases per minute.  This machine can also be built as an Uncaser so you can put one at both ends of your line and only stock one set of repair parts.  Small, Soft Pack, Affordable.

  • Soft Case Packer (Pick & Place)
  • Up to 8 cycles per minute
  • Small Footprint
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Standard Features:

Climax Strate-Line Automatic Packer. Complete with all necessary controls, drives, and other features as listed below:

BOTTLE  CONVEYOR (and related components)

  • Plastic, mat-top conveyor — THREE belts wide.
  • FIVE (5) stainless steel, adjustable lane guides for packing up to FOUR lanes wide. The bottles will flow into the lanes and form up the pack pattern.
  • Tongue Extension — The middle belt of the chain will be extended beyond the basic frame of the conveyor (36 inch “tongue extension”). The infeed conveyor can butt along side this tongue; this will allow for a smooth side transfer of the containers rather than forcing them across a dead plate.
  • The space between each lane guide is established by a system of quick-adjust lane spacers that are hung across the lane guide support crowns. The space is basically determined by the bottle diameter or width; the number of sets required is outlined in the CHANGE PARTS section of this proposal.
  • A system of flags (one flag for each lane) with a sensor eye will determine when all bottles are in position and the pack pattern has been formed. The flags and the eye will be adjustable to accommodate all pack patterns required by the customer.
  • 1 HP variable-speed motor to direct the lift arm thru the smooth action of the cam-plate; this ultimately controls the cup plate (see CHANGE PARTS) throughout the packing operation. After the bottles are in the correct pack pattern, the cup plate will be lowered to pick up the bottles and carry them smoothly to be placed softly down into the case. A grid basket with plastic fingers (CHANGE PARTS) will help to ensure the bottles go into the correct cells in the case.
  • .5 HP fixed-speed motor drive for the bottle conveyor.

CASE CONVEYOR (and related components)

  • Continuous feed conveyor to smoothly transport the cases. It includes a mechanism with a pop-up stop to position the case in the correct location for packing. It can be adjusted for a wide variety of sizes of cases (or trays).  After the case has been packed, the case will be conveyed to the end of the case conveyor and handed off to the discharge conveyor.
  • Adjustable case guide rails with Valu Guide hand ratchet adjustments.
  • .5 HP fixed-speed motor drive for case conveyor
  • In order to detect the presence of filled cases that have stopped downstream from the Climax packer, a sensor is provided that should be installed on the discharge case conveyor. If cases start to back up and the sensor is blocked, a signal will be sent back to the packer. The packer’s operation will be held up until the sensor is no longer blocked.


  • NEMA 12 electrical package — wired for 460 or 230 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 PH. Exact voltage needs     to be confirmed when the Purchase Order is issued.
  • PLC Controls — Allen-Bradley is the standard for Climax, but others may be substituted if requested by the customer. (assuming it will not jeopardize the operation of the equipment).
  • A-B PanelView 400 Operator Station mounted alongside the bottle conveyor of the packer; an additional E-Stop will be located on the other side of the equipment.
  • Mechanical lockout on the electrical cabinet


  • Strong and robust carbon steel construction with a two-part stainless steel epoxy paint primer and finish coat is standard for Climax equipment. Stainless steel or other painted finishes are available as options.
  • Permanently lubricated and sealed bearings where available; clustered lubrication fittings where available on other bearings that require lubrication
  • Safety guards framed off the cam-plate housing and conveyor frames – built with expanded metal to cover over the area where the cup plate travels. The cam-plate housing will have expanded metal plates on the sides, and doors on the front for when access to the main drive is necessary.
  • This Climax equipment is designed to be as TOOL-LESS in operation as is possible. Hand cranks, twist knobs, hand ratchets, and twist-lock handles have been implemented wherever they are feasible without jeopardizing the integrity or operation of the equipment.
  • An operation and maintenance manual included.
  • Start up and training is INCLUDED; TWO days have been assumed in the plant.
  • Twelve (12) month parts warranty included
  • Polycarbonate guards

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Weight 2500 kg