M Packer

The Multi-Packer is a great horizontal cartoning machine for customers in the energy drink, craft beer, and specialty drink markets. This machine can handle a Z-View type carton as well as a totally enclosed carton.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Cans, Glass Bottles or Plastic Bottles
  • 4-8 pack configurations
  • Up to 60 cartons per minute
  • Servo drive for carton loading and compression stations
  • Nordson hot melt glue
  • Allen Bradley PLC



Standard Features:

Climax M-Packer, complete with all necessary controls, drives, and other features as listed below:

ZONE 1: PRODUCT INFEED CONVEYOR (and related components)

  • Infeed can conveyors consisting of plastic, mat-top conveyor.
  • There are TWO single lanes on the M-Packer — feeding directly into the product loading area (ZONE 2). Product must be directed to EACH of these lanes.
  • Infeed conveyor is powered by a 1/2 HP variable speed A/C motor & gearbox. The motor is equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to accommodate belt speed adjustments.
  • Infeed conveyor height – 43 inches. Climax will confirm this elevation shortly after receiving the Purchase Order and engineering samples for this project.
  • Once the cans are presented to the product loading area (ZONE 2), the cans behind the two cans to be loaded are held in place (starwheel) to relieve line pressure.
  • Product Accumulation Sensor — to insure a smooth, steady flow of product to the loading zone.
  • Can Metering—Cans are metered into the load station by star-wheels.


  • The Product Loading and Gluing section is powered by a SERVO motor and drive to ensure exact product movement and location for the various operations performed on the product and 4-pack carton blank.
  • The 4-pack carton blanks are loaded into an overhead hopper.
  • Product is side-loaded by pushers from both sides of the product infeed conveyor, and loaded     into the erected 4-pack blank. Once this operation is completed, the servo motor advances the     lug-belt that moves the loaded blank to the next step in the process.
  • As the loaded blank is being moved forward, hot melt glue is applied to the side flaps of the 4-pack carton blank.
  • Once glue is applied to the 4-pack blank, the product is indexed forward again by the servo where the leading edge of the product comes in contact with a spring loaded drum that folds the leading side flap partially around the front of the product. A rear kicker cylinder is then activated that folds the trailing side flap partially around the rear of the product.
  • Once the leading and trailing side flaps are positioned, a cylinder is actuated from underneath that folds the glued side flap into position over the leading and trailing side flaps, thus completing the formation of the 4-pack carton.
  • The 4-pack carton is indexed forward through two more stations where the fresh glue joints are held in compression for approximately four seconds.
  • The completed 4-pack carton is then transferred to the accumulation/discharge conveyor (ZONE 3).
  • The M-Packer is equipped with a Nordson hot melt glue system. Nordson is the standard for Climax, but others may be substituted if requested by the customer.


  • Continuous feed belt-type accumulation conveyor to smoothly transport the loaded           cartons to the end of the M-Packer, where the cartons are transferred to the take-away conveyor of Alliance Labeling Inc..
  • The accumulation/discharge conveyor is powered by a 1/2 HP variable speed A/C motor and       gearbox. The motor is equipped with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to accommodate belt          speed adjustments.
  • Take-away conveyor height (NOT supplied by Climax) — ELEVATION 43”.
  • In order to detect the presence of filled 4-packs that have stopped on the take-away conveyor downstream from the Climax M-Packer, a sensor is provided that should be installed on the take-away conveyor by Alliance Labeling Inc.. If cartons start to back up and the sensor is blocked, a signal will be sent back to the M-Packer and the operation will be held up until the sensor is no longer blocked.


  • NEMA 12 electrical package — wired for 460 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 PH
  • PLC Controls — Allen-Bradley is the standard for Climax.
  • PanelView 600 Operator Station mounted on one side of the M-Packer.
  • An additional E-Stop will be located opposite the operator station of the M-Packer.
  • Mechanical lockout on the electrical cabinet and main air supply inlet.


  • Strong and robust carbon steel frame construction with a two-part stainless steel epoxy paint primer and finish coat is standard for Climax equipment.
  • Conveyors are manufactured from stainless steel for easy cleanup.
  • Permanently lubricated and sealed bearings are used throughout construction.
  • Safety guards of Polycarbonate doors with safety interlocks in appropriate areas.
  • This Climax equipment is designed to be as TOOL-LESS in operation as is possible. Hand cranks, twist knobs, hand ratchets, and twist-lock handles have been implemented wherever they are feasible without jeopardizing the integrity or operation of the equipment.
  • An operation and maintenance manual included.
  • Start up and training is INCLUDED with this proposal; TWO days have been assumed in the plant of Alliance Labeling Inc. (specifications are outlined at the back of the proposal).
  • Twelve (12) month parts warranty included