EUI Series Uncasers

Climax Packaging Machinery has been manufacturing the reciprocal motion Uncaser for over 50 years. The older units were hydraulic, but since 1995, all Uncasers have been powered by an electric motor.

The packaging machine that Climax is most famous for!  Climax has produced over 1,200 uncasing packaging machines over the years. At one time Climax Packaging Machinery EUI Uncasers were in virtually every brewery, craft brewery and soft drink plant in North and South America.  This tried and proven design can be built in 2 through 6-head configurations, which will uncase up to 48 cases per minute.

  • 2-6 head configuration
  • Up to 48 cases per minute
  • Quick Changeover



Standard Features:

Climax Automatic Uncasers

Models Available:

EUI-28 (2 head)
EUI-38 (3 head)
EUI-48 (4 head)
EUI-58 (5 head)
EUI-68 (6 head)

Up to SIX uncasing heads, complete with all necessary controls, drives, and other features listed below:

Reciprocal Motion Drive and Control

  • Electric Main Drive: Power to the main drive assembly is provided by an Electric Motor (5 HP) with a VFD, complete with brake and gear reducer.
  • PLC Controls: Allen-Bradley is the standard PLC for Climax, but others may be substituted if requested by Green Flash Brewing Company (assuming it will not jeopardize the operation of the equipment).

Carriage Features

  • Quick-adjust carriage rod assembly to “fine tune” the height of the pickups
  • Air inlet system with filter and regulator standard with low pressure regulator for pickup devices.
  • One standard carriage assembly to allow for the entire carriages (including cup plates) to be simply interchanged when changeover is required.

Conveyor Systems

  • Case conveyor with indexer assembly, dual flat-top chains, and pop-up lugs to provide a positive location for cases. Includes a 1.5 HP variable speed drive motor, and safety guards (cases can be fed from the right or left)
  • Quick-adjust case guide rails — A smooth operating hand crank adjusts the guide rails in and out for fast and simple changeovers. A digital counter provides a “memory setting” for each case.
  • Stripper rail assembly to maintain control of the cases, 6-pack carriers, and in-case partitions while the bottles are being removed from the cases.
  • The elevation for the takeaway table/conveyor must be 14.5 inches higher than the case conveyor for the uncaser.


Electricals & Controls

  • PanelView Operator Station mounted at the infeed end of the case conveyor
  • Safety bar and cable switch assembly is standard. If this system is “tripped,” the operation of the uncaser will stop immediately.
  • Electric eye to detect bottle back-up on bottle discharge table/conveyor.
  • Delay switches for case infeed and case back-up provided.
  • NEMA 12 electrical package — wired for 460 or 230 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 PH. Exact voltage needs to be confirmed when the Purchase Order is issued.

General Specifications

  • Strong and robust carbon steel construction with a two-part stainless steel epoxy paint primer and finish coat is standard for Climax equipment. Stainless steel or other painted finishes are available as options.
  • Permanently lubricated and sealed bearings where available; clustered lubrication fittings where available on other bearings that require lubrication
  • This Climax equipment is designed to be as TOOL-LESS in operation as is possible. Hand cranks, twist knobs, hand ratchets, and twist-lock handles have been implemented wherever they are feasible without jeopardizing the integrity or operation of the equipment.
  • An operation and maintenance manual included.
  • Start up and training is INCLUDED with this proposal; TWO days have been assumed in the plant of the customer.
  • Twelve (12) month parts warranty included.
  • Bottle takeaway & single filer conveyor will “very likely” be supplied by the customer. However, Climax can provide a separate quote.