DP4-I-T SSP (Servo Soft Packer)

The Climax DP4-I-T SSP case packer is designed to softly place the product into the bottom of the case. This eliminates the harsh drop of products and reduces breakage on the packaging line.

  • Soft Case Packing
  • Up to 24 cases per minute/12 cycles
  • Round and Non-Round Containers
  • Servo Controlled
  • Proven Machinery
  • Designed for 24/7 operation



Standard Features:

ONE (1) Climax Model DP4-I-T Inline Tandem Automatic SOFT Packer. Complete with all necessary controls, drives, and other features as listed below:

BOTTLE  CONVEYOR (and related components)

  • Conveyor with THREE (3) low friction, plastic, six inch wide, flat-top chain.
  • The middle belt of flat-top chain will be extended beyond the basic frame of the bottle conveyor (36 inch “tongue extension”). The infeed bottle conveyor can butt along side this tongue; this will allow for a smooth side transfer of the bottles rather than forcing them across a dead plate.
  • FIVE (5) stainless steel, adjustable lane guides for packing up to FOUR lanes wide.
  • Quick-adjust clamp system to stop and hold back the containers from entering the grid area until the proper timing. There is one air cylinder and clamp for each lane; they are tied to sensors in the grid area, under the control of the packer’s PLC. Quick and simple changeovers are accomplished by a hand crank that adjusts the height of all clamps at the same time. A digital counter is included to help establish settings for each different container.
  • The bottles are clamped while they are on the polished, stainless steel dead plate. This plate acts as a transition between the flat-top chain of the bottle conveyor and the grid of the packer.
  • Stainless steel drip pan underneath the entire length of the bottle conveyor to contain any product spillage that might take place from damaged or loosely capped bottles.
  • 1.5 HP variable speed A/C motor drive for the conveyor.
  • Side-to-side oscillator with pattern-forming guides to help facilitate the movement of the round bottles into the proper lanes. Rollers at the end of the lane guides will further assist this movement.
  •  Climax Trap door grid — Consisting of two solid plates that shift apart to allow the bottles to be placed into the case. This trap door grid will provide proper support for the bottles and will ensure an upright positioning of each bottle prior to being gripped.
  • Climax Sof-Pac® tower attachment, located at the grid area of the packer, will allow the bottles to be picked up and SOFTLY placed into the case rather than simply dropped.

>> The vertical packing motion will be under the control of an electric SERVO motor.

CASE CONVEYOR (and related components)

  • Continuous feed, belt-type case conveyor to smoothly transport the empty cases to the case elevator. It includes a case clamp and indexing mechanism that can be adjusted for a wide variety of sizes of cases or trays.
  • Quick-adjust case guide rails — A smooth operating hand crank adjusts the guide rails in and   out for quick and simple changeovers. A digital counter provides a “memory setting” for each case.
  • 1 HP variable-speed motor drive for case conveyor
  • Air-Cushioned case elevator (aluminum casting for best strength and durability) to lift the cases in order to minimize the distance between the bottle conveyor and the case. A durable system of air bellows also acts as a cushion for this raising and lowering operation.
  • In order to detect the presence of filled cases that have stopped downstream from the Climax      packer, a sensor is provided that should be installed on the discharge case conveyor of the customer. If cases start to back up and the sensor is blocked, a signal will be sent back to the packer. The packer’s operation will be held up until the sensor is no longer blocked.
  • Case conveyor height will be set at 14 inches (the Climax minimum), unless otherwise specified by Green Flash Brewing Company


  • NEMA 12 electrical package — wired for 460 or 230 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 PH. Exact voltage needs     to be confirmed when the Purchase Order is issued.
  • PLC Controls — Allen-Bradley is the standard for Climax, but others may be substituted if requested by the customer (assuming it will not jeopardize the operation of the equipment).
  • PanelView 600 Operator Station mounted at the grid area of the packer; an additional
  • E-Stop will be located on the other side of the equipment.
  • Mechanical lockout on the electrical cabinet