DP 4 Drop Packer

The Climax Packaging Machinery DP4 drop packer is the most heavy duty drop packer in the industry. This robust and affordable drop packer is built for 24/7 operation and is easy to operate.

  • Drop Packer
  • Lane Divider Option Available
  • Easy Tool-Less Changeover
  • Up to 25 cycles per minute
  • Tandem drop packer option available. (Up to 40 cycles per minute.)



Standard Features:

Climax Model DP4-I (Inline Automatic Drop Packer). Complete with all necessary controls, drives, and other features as listed below:

BOTTLE  CONVEYOR (and related components)

  • Conveyor with THREE (3) belts of stainless steel, six inch wide, flat-top chain.
  • The middle belt of flat-top chain will be extended beyond the basic frame of the jar conveyor (36 inch “tongue extension”). The infeed jar conveyor can butt along side this tongue; this will allow for a smooth side transfer of the jars rather than forcing them across a dead plate.
  • FOUR (4) stainless steel, adjustable lane guides for packing up to THREE lanes wide.
  • The width between each lane guide is established by a system of quick-adjust lane spacers that are hung across the three lane guide support crowns. The width is basically determined by the bottle diameter; the number of  CHANGE PARTS will be determined once engineering samples are received.
  • Quick-adjust clamp system to stop and hold back the containers from entering the grid area until the proper timing. There is one air cylinder and clamp for each lane; they are tied to sensors in the grid area, under the control of the packer’s PLC. Quick and simple changeovers are accomplished by a hand crank that adjusts the height of all clamps at the same time. A digital counter is included to help establish settings for each different container (if needed).
  • The bottles are clamped while they are on the polished, stainless steel dead plate. This plate acts as a transition between the flat-top chain of the jar conveyor and the grid of the packer.
  • Side-to-side oscillator with pattern-forming guides to help facilitate the movement of the round bottles into the proper lanes.

>>IF Non-round containers might ever be run on this line, they would require a lane divider/diverter and possibly a Climax grid loader.

  • 1.5 HP vari-speed A/C motor drive for the conveyor.
  • Climax universal grid with shifting rails is the standard grid with all Climax packers.

CASE CONVEYOR (and related components)

  • Continuous feed, belt-type case conveyor to smoothly transport the empty cases to the case elevator. It includes a case clamp and indexing mechanism that can be adjusted for a wide variety of sizes of cases or trays.
  • Quick-adjust case guide rails — A smooth operating hand crank adjusts the guide rails in and   out for quick and simple changeovers. A digital counter provides a “memory setting” for each case.
  • Flap control rails along the sides and center of the case conveyor to maintain control of the top flaps. This assumes the flaps will be open & under control when the cases come to the packer. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to add other flap control components (see OPTIONS).
  • 1 HP variable-speed motor drive for case conveyor
  • Air-Cushioned case elevator (aluminum casting for best strength and durability that is unique to the industry) to lift the cases in order to shorten the distance that the containers will drop. An air bellows acts as a cushion to help soften the impact of the drop of the jars. There will be a belt drive on the case elevator to provide better control of the empty broadside cases. This is particularly important when the cases are indexed onto the case elevator and also when the filled cases are discharged from the packer.
  • In order to detect the presence of filled cases that have stopped downstream from the Climax      packer, a sensor is provided that should be installed on the discharge case conveyor of the customer. If cases back up and the sensor is blocked, a signal will be sent back to the packer. The packer’s operation will be held up until the sensor is no longer blocked.