CR-25 Robotic Case Packer

The Climax CR-25 Robotic Case Packer designed to case pack products at up to 25 cases per minute. Tooless changeover and maximum flexibility are built into this robust case packer.

  • Soft Case Packer
  • Precision Case Packing
  • Fast Changeover
  • Affordable Price


  • Glass bottles/jars
  • Aluminum cans
  • PET
  • Round and Non-Round



Standard Features:

Climax Model CR-25 (Inline Robotic Case Packer). Complete with all necessary controls, drives, end of arm tooling and other features as listed below:


  • Carbon steel construction with a two-part stainless steel epoxy paint primer and finish coat is standard for Climax equipment.
  • Permanently lubricated and sealed bearings where available; clustered lubrication fittings where available on other bearings that require lubrication
  • Floor mounted expanded metal safety cage with interlocked doors will enclose the robot and product infeed conveyor system as required for operator safety
  • The Robotic Case Packer is designed to be as TOOL-LESS in operation as is possible. Hand cranks, twist knobs, hand ratchets, and twist-lock handles have been implemented wherever they are feasible without jeopardizing the integrity or operation of the equipment.
  • Product infeed conveyor with THREE (3) low friction, plastic flat-top chains or mat top chain.
  • Seven (5) stainless steel, adjustable lane guides for packing up to FOUR lanes wide.
  • The width between each lane guide is basically determined by the bottle diameter and is established by a series or lock nuts or by the optional quick-adjust lane spacers that are hung across the lane guide support crowns.
  • Bottle stop system to stop bottles as they move forward into robot pick-up zone.  Bottle stop drops out of the way once the pick-up tooling is seated on the bottles, and returns to stopping position once the bottles are clear of the pick-up area.
  • 1 HP variable speed A/C motor drive for the conveyor.
  • Case conveyor system will extend beside the Robotic Case Packer, and includes an adjustable tray clamps and indexing mechanism.
  • Quick-adjust case guide rails — A smooth operating hand crank adjusts the case/tray guiderails in the packing area of the tray conveyor for different size trays.  Includes a digital counter that provides a “memory setting” for each tray.
  • In order to detect the presence of filled cases that have stopped downstream from the Climax packer, a sensor is provided that should be installed on the discharge case conveyor of the customer. If cases back up and the sensor is blocked, a signal will be sent back to the packer which will pause the packer’s operation until the sensor is no longer blocked.
  • NEMA 12 electrical package — wired for 460 or 230 VAC, 60 HZ, 3 PH.
  • PLC Controls — Allen-Bradley is the standard for Climax.
  • PanelView Component 400 HMI — diagnostic operator station to provide operational capabilities as well as case count and cases per minute information.  Using a password, operational parameters can also be set using the HMI.
  • (1) Fanuc Robot.
  • HMI, push buttons for E-stop, E-stop reset, and cycle start will be mounted on the safety cage.
  • An additional E-Stop will be located inside the safety cage near the robot.
  • Mechanical lockout on the electrical cabinet
  • An operation and maintenance manual included.
  • Standard Climax Robotic Guarding System.

Change parts for CR25 Robotic Packer: Each Unique pack configuration will require a “Change Part” (End of arm tooling and grid basket) to match the product spacing and pattern. Some bottle and cases may use the same case packer change parts.