Continuous Motion Rotary Case Packer

Our Continuous Motion Rotary Case Packer is capable of speeds up to 60 cases per minute. Multiple packing or uncasing head options are available. This machine is built for 24/7 operation and is change-over compatible.

  • Speeds up to 60 cases per minute
  • Durable construction
  • Lane divider or screw feed options
  • Full infeed system quotes available



Standard Features:

  • Speeds up to 60 cases per minute.

Equipment Capacity
4-heads = 20 CPM
6-heads = 30 CPM
9-heads = 45 CPM
12-heads = 60 CPM

Climax CMRP-12 (Continuous Motion Rotary Case Packer)With up to TWELVE packing heads, complete with all necessary controls, drives, and other features listed below: (This machine can be configured as a case packer or an uncaser.)

Rotary  Motion Drive and Control

  • Machine frame and components will be manufactured from carbon steel and painted with Steel-It expoy finish coat.

Electric Main Drive:

  • Power to the main drive assembly is provided by an Electric Motor with a VFD and gear reducer.  Case infeed conveyor is powered by the same drive to ensure timing of cases matches Uncasing heads.
  • PLC Controls: Allen-Bradley is the standard PLC for Climax.
  • Air inlet system with filter and regulator standard with low pressure regulator for pickup devices.

Conveyor Systems

  • Infeed case conveyor for full cases will be equipped with dual flat-top chains and indexer assembly to allow indexing of full cases into the Continuous Motion Uncaser
  • It is assumed that dividers, if present, are tight enough in the cases that they will remain in the cases as the empty bottles are removed.
  • Bottle takeaway conveyor will be supplied by The Dennis Group at the required elevation.
  • The elevation for the Infeed conveyor and the takeaway conveyor are yet to be determined.

 Electricals & Controls

  • PanelView Comp 600 Operator Station mounted at the infeed end of the case conveyor
  • Ethernet communication capabilities.
  • All A/B VFD’s
  • Electric eye to detect bottle back-up on bottle discharge table/conveyor.
  • A/B SLC 500 series PLC
  • NEMA 4 electrical package — wired for 460  VAC, 60 HZ, 3 PH.

General Specifications

  • Strong and robust carbon steel construction with a two-part stainless steel-it epoxy paint primer and finish coat is standard for Climax equipment.
  • Permanently lubricated and sealed bearings where available; clustered lubrication fittings where available on other bearings that require lubrication
  • This Climax equipment is designed to be as TOOL-LESS in operation as is possible. Hand cranks, twist knobs, hand ratchets, and twist-lock handles have been implemented wherever they are feasible without jeopardizing the integrity or operation of the equipment.
  • An operation and maintenance manual included.
  • Start up and training is INCLUDED with this proposal; TWO days have been assumed in the plant of the customer.
  • Twelve (12) month parts warranty included
  • Freestanding perimeter guarding around the packer or uncaser
  • Interlock doors
  • Jam detector light and horn
  • Quick adjust lane guides on case conveyor
  • Case conveyor phase shifter