Complete Bottling Line

Complete turn-key beverage bottling lines for craft beer, whisky/spirits, water, wine and soda. We have experienced engineers ready to help you customize your new complete bottling line.

  • Automatic Uncasing or Depalletizing
  • Automatic Filling and Capping
  • Automatic Labeling
  • Automatic Soft Case Packing
  • Automatic Case Sealing
  • Speeds up to 8 Cases Per Minute


Altstadt Brewing Bottling Line:

Check out this promo video from our friends at Altstadt Brewing! They are running a Climax Strate Line Uncaser and Case Packer.

Complete Bottling Line

Climax Packaging Machinery’s approved integrators can supply and install complete bottle filling lines for a variety of applications and a wide range of speed requirements.

  • We have developed affordable turn-key beverage bottling lines for all of your bottle filling and packaging needs. Our manufacturers, engineers and integrators have assembled the most efficient and cost effective complete bottling and packaging lines to match your production requirements.

Complete bottling lines starting at 25 bottles per minute.

Why a turn-key Complete Bottling Line?

  • All machines are fully assembled and tested prior to shipping.
  • Proven machinery.
  • Experienced engineering.
  • Most Affordable Beer, Wine, Whisky, Water and Soda Bottling Lines in the United States.
  • Save time sourcing machinery.

Bottle Soft Case Packing starting at 2 cases per minute. (Up to 40 cases per minute available.)

Complete Beverage Bottling and Packaging Lines For:

  1. Craft Beer Bottling Line
  2. Wine Bottling Line
  3. Whisky/Spirits Bottling Line
  4. Soda Bottling Line

Equipment Included In Your Complete Bottling Line:

  1. Uncaser or Depalletizer
  2. Bottle Filler/Capper
  3. Labeler
  4. Case Packer
  5. Case Sealer
  6. All Necessary Conveyors
  7. Installation and Startup

Don’t need a complete bottling line? Click HERE for just a BOTTLE FILLING MACHINE QUOTE!