Reciprocal Motion 2-6 head UncaserStrateLine
Continuous Motion Uncaser

Climax Packaging Machinery has been manufacturing the reciprocal motion Uncaser for over 50 years. The older units were hydraulic, but since 1995, all Uncasers have been powered by an electric motor.

Below are videos of the various Uncasers in operation.
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Reciprocal Motion 2-6 Head Uncaser

The packaging machine that Climax is most famous for!  Climax has produced over 1,200 uncasing packaging machines over the years. At one time Climax Packaging Machinery EUI Uncasers were in virtually every brewery, craft brewery and soft drink plant in North and South America.  This tried and proven design can be built in 2 through 6-head configurations, which will uncase up to 48 cases per minute.

Climax EUI-68 Uncaser:


Climax EUI-28 Uncaser:

  • Electric Main Drive
  • Up to 48 CPM
  • Empty or Filled Containers
  • Round or Non-Round
  • Glass, Plastic, Metal or Composite
  • Quick change options available

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Strate-Line Uncaser/Case Packer

The Strate-Line configured as an Uncaser will remove containers from cases/trays at a rate up to 7 cases per minute.  This affordable compact machine can be configured as either an Uncaser or a Case Packer that handles your product with a “Soft Touch”.  Put it on both ends of your line and stock one set of repair parts.  Economical – Soft Touch – 7 CPM.

  • Small Footprint
  • Single Head Operation
  • Quick Changeover
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Up to 7 CPM

Continuous Motion Uncaser

Available as either a Packer or an Uncaser the Continuous-Motion Equipment line is designed for high-speed applications. The key advantage is very a smooth and soft handling of the product during the packaging operation. In a smooth continuous motion this packer picks up and places bottles very softly into a take away conveyor.

  • Continuous Motion
  • Up to 60 CPM
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Inline or Reverse Inline Designs

Don’t worry about picking up your containers, Climax has over 300 different gripper configurations to handle a wide variety of bottle finishes.

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