Strate-Line Craft Beer Case Packer

Craft Beer Bottle Case PackerNo more hand packing! Stop Drop Packing TODAY!

Tired of your old beer bottle drop packer? Spending too much money on labor to hand pack your craft beer bottles or cans into cases? We have the most affordable craft beer soft case packer for your brewery.

Climax has been manufacturing packaging machines for the last 100 years. We take pride in manufacturing quality, long lasting glass beer bottle case packers, cartoners and uncasers.

Climax Strate Line Craft Beer Bottle Case Case Packer


  • Bottles flow into the lanes to form the full pack pattern
  • Bottles are gripped and picked up out of the lanes
  • Bottles are softly placed into the case (thru the grid basket)
  • Filled case is ejected and the next empty case is indexed and positioned for packing

Watch the Strate Line Brewery Case Packer:

The newest version of the Climax Strate Line case packer is capable of case packing glass, aluminum cans, PET and other rigid containers. Designed to eliminate hand packing and drop packing. The thin walling of glass has produced a high demand for this machine and our CR-25 robotic case packers. There is absolutely NO need to buy another cheap or used drop packer to only have your great product end up on the floor and piles of glass littering your brewery.

  • Single Head Operation — Up to 8 cases per minute
  • Small footprint – less than 8 FT long x 4 FT wide
  • Inline OR reverse inline
  • Simple & quick changeover
  • Grid basket for guiding your containers into the case
  • Variety Pack systems available
  • Main Drive: 1 HP Variable Speed
  • Case Conveyor: 1/2 HP Bottle Conveyor: 1/2 HP
  • Allen-Bradley PLC and a PanelView Operator Station
  • Standard Electrical: NEMA 12, 460 or 230 Volts, 60 HZ, 3 Phase

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