ONE Beer Case Packer For Both Bottles and Cans

Hamilton, Oh– Today, Climax Packaging Machinery, a leading packaging machine manufacturer, announced that they will unveil a new version of the Strate-Line case packer packaging machine at the Craft Brewers Conference/Brew Expo show in April. Recent success in building innovative Packaging Systems has led Climax Packaging to develop a NEW case packer to serve the growing craft brewing industry.

For the last sixty years of an almost one hundred year history Climax Packaging Machinery has been building Case Packers for customers. Their unique approach to each and every project has allowed Climax Packaging Machinery a clear advantage over the competition.

Climax Packaging has a NEW Strate-Line case packer packaging machine available. For decades Climax has focused on developing systems for glass and plastic bottles, and they have become pretty good at it. Their next step is to expand their packaging machine offerings to the rapidly growing craft beer market. With one system already in use producing over 6 cases per minute it is safe to say that they have done it again.

Craft Beer Brewery Case Packer

Features of the NEW Strate-Line Case Packer:
• Versatility: One machine that can pack bottles and cans.
• Adjustability: Run both tab lock and newly erected cases on the same machine.
• Small Footprint: A compact 4’ wide by 8’ long footprint.
• Speed: Capable of packing over 168 bottles or cans per minute.
• Changeover: Simple and quick tool free changeover.
Affordability: Contact us for a quick case packer quote!

Watch the Strate Line Beer Case Packer Video:

About Climax Packaging Machinery: For Climax Packaging Machinery, it’s about creating solutions and high quality machines to case packing and uncasing businesses that separate Climax Packaging from other equipment manufacturers.

With sales throughout the US, Canada and Central America, Climax Packaging Machinery provides economical and innovative machinery to the beverage, household chemical, food, automotive after-market, and blow molding industries.

Built in Cincinnati, OH for over 60 years, Climax Packaging Machines are built with attention to detail to deliver a system that works!

Why buy Climax? Simple, because it’s built better!