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Your Co-Packing Solution

Over the last 100 years Climax Packaging Machinery has built quality packaging machinery for every type of industry. As a pioneer in the Variety Pack System business, Climax has the only proven systems on the market to automatically package variety packs in a variety of cases and pack patterns. Naturally, getting into contract packaging was the next step for our business. Who better to assemble your packaging other than the people that make the machines?

Our strategic partnerships with our Co-Packer customers allows us to provide contract packaging options with proven Climax Packaging Machinery Systems. We understand that purchasing a full system is expensive and can take time to get the financing and volume to justify the of your own system. We want to help you take your business to the next level!

Multi-packs or variety packs and custom club packaging provide a unique way for businesses to introduce new products, attract new customers, reduce excess inventory, and increase sales. The big problem with most businesses is that producing multi-packs or variety packs at their facility sacrifices production time, takes up valuable warehousing space, and increases labor costs.  That’s where Climax Packaging Machinery can help!

We’ve got the facility space, experienced labor and the ability to build custom packaging machinery to handle any size run of multi-packs and variety pack projects. Our team of packaging professionals create, assemble, and ship multi-packs and variety packs using various types of equipment including shrink bundlers, drop packers, cartoners and semi-auto and fully automatic variety pack systems .  Stop sacrificing your in-house resources trying to figure out how to produce multi-packs and variety packs.  Let us handle the variety packs so that you can focus on what you do best, produce and sell your product!


  • More choices for consumers
  • Higher perceived value
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Promote new products
  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Boost overall sales
  • Run special promotions
  • Access to club stores
  • No Minimum Requirement
  • Automated Machinery (24/7 Capabilities)
  • Warehousing
  • ALL Types of Products
  • Lowest Pricing

Co-Packing Capabilities

Custom Packaging Services

We have the capability to take almost ANY co-packing job that you can imagine. You ship us your product and we will put it in the package you need! Our experienced engineers, manufacturing facility co packing staff and warehousing facilities can execute a variety of short and long run co packing projects. We can build machinery to semi or fully automate the co packing process to make sure we can meet the delivery demands of every customer.

  • Unlimited Production Capabilities
  • We will build custom equipment to meet your production requirements
  • Customized club packaging
  • Rainbow pallets
  • Variety Packs
  • Shrink bundling
  • Ability to erect cases and trays of various sizes
  • Pallet displays, counter displays, point of displays
  • Demo trials for concept packaging
  • Product and case labeling, date coding
  • Kitting
  • Product assembly
  • Quality assurance programs, inspection and testing
  • Fast Turnaround
  • No Minimum Requirements
  • Lowest Pricing

Co Packer Variety PacksSide Load Variety Pack System

This fully automated Climax Packaging Machinery Variety Pack System is capable of indexing, uncasing, mixing and packaging 2-6 flavors into a side load chipboard carton.

  • 2-6 flavor mixing
  • Side Load Carton
  • 16,000 cases per day capacity
  • Lowest Pricing

Top Load Variety Pack System

This fully automated Climax Packaging Machinery Variety Pack System is capable of indexing, uncasing, mixing and packaging 2-6 flavors into a top load case.

  • 2-6 flavor mixing
  • Top Load Case
  • 10,000 cases per day capacity
  • Lowest Pricing

Side Load Carton Variety Pack System

This semi-automated Climax Packaging Machinery Variety Pack System is capable of packaging 2-4 flavors into a side load suitcase style case.

  • 2-4 flavor mixing
  • Side Load Case
  • 18,000 cases per day capacity
  • Lowest Pricing

Co Packer | Variety Pack Contract Packaging

The Co Packing Process

  1. Contact Us: We will provide you with a quote and contract to package your product.
  2. Send Us Your Product: Our staff will package your product and ship it directly to you or your distributor.