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Strate-Line Case Packers

Climax Packaging designed this packaging machine for applications where space is at a premium and volume is around 7 cases per minute.  This machine can also be built as an Uncaser so you can put one at both ends of your line and only stock one set of repair parts.  Small, Soft Pack, Affordable.

Climax Cartoning Systems

Climax Cartoning Machines are reliable and affordable. We have multiple cartoning systems to choose from with speeds ranging from 2-60 cartons per minute. Contact us for more details about our carton packing solutions.

Climax CR25 and CR30 Robotic Case Packers

The newest versions of our robotic line of case packers. The CR25 and CR30 robotic case packers have been designed to almost eliminate breakage, repacks and restacks. While these are standard machines we look at each project to design a custom solution for your packaging needs. Please watch the video and give us a call or request a quote with any questions.

Sof-Pak Case Packers

Climax has a Soft Pack Case Packer tailored to your application.  Climax builds Sof-Pac packers for customers with fragile containers or containers that can not be dropped, as well as for light weight applications such as blow molders.  Climax offers both necks-up or necks-down packing.  If you need a Soft Pack Case packer, Climax has the right solution for you.

Drop Packers

The Climax Packaging Machinery DP4 Drop Packer is the most heavy duty drop packer in the industry. Designed with 24/7 operation in mind, Climax drop packers have the only elevators made from a casting. Our drop packers can be manufactured with options such as flap controls, oscillators and lane dividers. Climax’s experience spans over 100 years and we have built almost 7,000 packaging machines.

Drop Packers for Heavy Products

Climax Drop Packers are the only drop packers with a case elevator made out of a casting. This is how our heavy duty drop packers can pack up to 60 pounds on each cycle without breaking the case elevator. Our drop packers can include lane dividers, oscillators and jug turning systems.