Case Packers, Case Packaging Machines and Drop Packers 

Industries that we serve include:

  • Food Processing (cooking oils, peanut butter, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, meat sauces, ketchup, pork n beans, canned vegtables)
  • Beverage Bottling (soft drinks, beer, wine, energy drinks, bottle water, distilled spirits, fruit juices & drinks)
  • Household and Industrial Chemicals
  • Health and Beauty Aid Products (hand lotions, shampoo, conditioners, baby oil)
  • Cleaning Products
  • Automotive Fluids (anti-freeze, windshield washing fluid, motor oil, gas & oil treatment)
  • Plastic Bottle Blow Molders
  • Manufacturers of Glass Bottles
  • Contract Packers with a wide variety of packaging lines

Strate-Line Case Packers

Climax Packaging Machinery designed this soft packaging case packer for applications where space is at a premium, eliminating breakage is important and speed is up to 8-10 cases per minute. This machine can also be built as an Uncaser so you can put one at both ends of your line and only stock one set of repair parts.  Small Footprint, Soft Pack, Affordable. The Strate Line case packer is the right choice.

Climax Strate Line Craft Beer Bottle Case Case Packer
Climax Strate Line Case Packers

Drop Packers: Climax offers two styles of drop packers; Com-Pac Case Packers for light weight applications (up to 15 pounds,) and our DP-4 drop packers for heavy duty payloads.

Below are videos of the various top load case packers in operation.

Com-Pac Case Packers

For customers with lighter applications (up to 15 lbs.) we offer our Com-Pac Case Packers with the same great features as it’s big brother, DP-4, but designed to handle the lighter loads and pack up to 22 cases per minute.

Climax DP-4 Drop Packers

We believe our DP-4 drop packers are the most heavy-duty drop packers in the industry.  If you have a heavy payload, this is the packaging machine for you.  We are the only company that uses a solid aluminum casting for the case elevator instead of a weldment.  We have drop packers in the field that are still running after 27 years of continuous service.  If you want reliability and durability, the DP-4 drop packer is the machine for you.

Heavy Product Drop Packer Video:

Glass Jar Drop Packer VIDEO:

* Air Cushioned Elevator
* Up to 40 CPM
* Case or tray

Climax Servo Soft Pack Case Packers

Climax has a Soft Pack Case Packer tailored to your application.  Climax builds Sof-Pac packers for customers with fragile containers or containers that can not be dropped, as well as for light weight applications such as blow molders.  Climax offers both necks-up or necks-down packing.  If you need a Soft Pack Case packer, Climax has the right solution for you.

Continuous Motion Case Packers

The Climax Continuous Motion Rotary Case Packer is the fastest machine Climax builds.  In a 12-head configuration, this machine can deliver up to 60 soft-packed cases per minute.  Generally in use in dedicated applications, this packaging machine can’t be beat for soft container handling and sheer volume of output.

 Climax Robotic Case Packers

Climax Robotic Case Packers are designed to be flexible and efficient while keeping with Climax’s long tradition of building quality long lasting packaging machinery. These robotic case packers can be configured to case pack a wide variety of products. Check out the video and let us know how we can help.

Why buy Climax Packaging Machinery Case Packers?

The answer is simple — because it is built better! And here’s why.

Bottle Conveyors

Other machines that you are uating are constructed from formed sheet metal. Not Climax. Our case packer bottle conveyor side plates are manufactured from 5/8″ X 5″ dimensional steel. We can’t simply “punch a hole” through this material; it must be drilled and tapped on precision machines. The wear strips under the flat-top chain are a laminate of 1/4 inch steel overlaid with 1/4 inch delrin, to eliminate chain wear and noise.

All of the screw stock used in areas that might come in contact with water or soap are stainless steel instead of carbon steel; Climax does this to eliminate rusting and deterioration. Our lane guides are made from polished 1/4 inch stainless steel, not 3/16 inch like much of the competition. This extra thickness provides strength and integrity which is important for all containers, but especially critical for packing heavy product. Add to that the fact that our lane guides are laser cut to eliminate the warping and distortion induced through welding.

Our bottle clamp is easily adjustable by a hand crank; no tools needed here. All of our bearings are mounted on the inside of the packer to provide a clean appearance and to eliminate the clutter on the exterior of the machine.

Case Conveyors

The design of the Climax case conveyor eliminates the use of flight bars, which have a tendency to crush a case from time to time, causing downtime on the line while you remove it. No broken pins, no bent flights, no chain adjustment — we utilize a continuous belt feed case conveyor with an independent drive.

Our quick-adjust case guide rail system makes the changeover from one case to the next as simple as turning a hand crank. The case guide rails move in and out in relationship to the centerline of the packer; a digital counter provides a simple reference for the correct setting for each case.

Case Elevators (if needed)

When it comes to the case elevator, there is no comparison. We are the only company in the industry that uses an aluminum casting in this high stress area, and we have never had to replace one yet — NEVER! The elevator casting is guided by 1.5 inch diameter, hardened, ground, and polished shafts — plus Climax uses dual ball bushings on both sides of the elevator.

Our design provides the lift point directly in the center of the case; no cantilevered design problems here. It includes a very forgiving “break-away” feature when the payload hits the elevator by utilizing our patented “Air-Cush’n” lift system .You will never have a problem with case stops and case clamps coming out of adjustment, because our “Air-Cush’n” deadens the vibration caused by the payload landing in the case. Our case conveyor elevation can be as low as 14 inches off the floor, which eliminates the need to ramp-up your case conveyor in many installations.

Grids and Grid Baskets

When it comes to grids on our case packers, we have it all. Over the years Climax has seen just about every style of case and container design imaginable — PET, HDPE, glass, steel, aluminum, RSC cases, Bliss cases, Tab-Lock cases, corrugated and plastic trays for just a partial list. We can outfit your case packer with any of the following grids:

  •  A universal shifting rail gril
  • A trap door grid
  • A bomb bay door grid
  • A neck-ring rail grid (specifically for PET bottles)
  • A POWER-FEED shifting rail grid
  • A grid specially designed to eliminate “chime-lock” problems in cans

Climax can provide grid baskets for our case packers equipped with perimeter guides/chutes of spring steel, stainless spring steel, or polycarbonate. We also build grid baskets with plastic fingers; their design is second to none, with no springs or “D” rings to break off and fall into the case. Our fingers retain their shape and flexibility due to a metal strip molded into the finger, yet no springs are required. The changeover for most Climax grid baskets is easily accomplished by one man without the requirement for any tools.

Electrical Controls and Systems

The control systems for all Climax equipment utilize the latest technology and best components available. Whether you need a stand-alone machine or something to be integrated into a complete packaging line, we will meet all of the requirements of our clients. The Climax standard PLC package is Allen-Bradley, but we will accommodate whatever our clients request. For example, we have installed PLC Direct, GE, Omron, Modicon, and Siemens.

NEMA 12 is our standard electrical package, but we have installed NEMA 4 or
NEMA 4X when it has been requested. We are equally comfortable with a simple push button operator station or an interactive operator interface such as PanelView 550. We have even built some equipment recently with relay logic rather than a PLC, because the customer in Central America was more comfortable with that design.

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Climax is NOT full of old ideas; as evidenced by the following list of options and highlights that can be found on Climax equipment:

  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant construction
  • Special paint requests
  • No tool change-over
  • Auto lube system
  • Lane Divider (free standing or integrated into operation of the case packer)
  • Side-to-side product oscillator
  • Touch screen controls
  • Pack empty plastic bottles (either necks UP or necks DOWN)
  • Special engineering
  • Robotics Case Packers
  • System integration (Variety Pack Systems)
  • Set-up and runoff complete system in our plant

All you have to do is ask….

Price? If you take the time to compare, you will find that Climax is competitively priced. Take a close look at the construction, design, options and components that have included. This is why our customers continue to choose Climax over the competition.

Guarantee? Every Climax machine comes with a written guarantee. Very simply stated, it says that we guarantee the equipment will do what we said it would do (in answer to what YOU asked for), or we will give you your money back.

What does all this mean to you, the customer? Your dollar will go a lot further when you buy from Climax Packaging Machinery, and you can expect many, many years of trouble-free performance. Orders from repeat customers make up a big part of our business. Give us a call.