Climax “Can-Do” Beverage Cartoner

The Climax CanDo 360 Beverage Cartoner is the leading choice for canning, beverage and rigid containers in it’s class. This Horizontal Beverage Cartoner handles 8-24-packs at speeds of up to 360+ cans/bottles per minute.

It packs up to 30 cartons per minute, and its innovative multi-axis servo driven technology reduces the number of moving parts. That means less downtime and minimum maintenance.

Changeover for a variety of beverage packs and beverage heights is quick and easy. That means higher productivity and ease of operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed for canned and bottled beverages – handles a wide variety of carton sizes from 8 packs to 24 packs, including the 2×6-12 refrigerator pack.
  • Servo driven carton packer eliminates mechanical drive for enhanced performance and more uptime
  • Laned in-feed gently handles:

-cans (various sizes)
-plastic bottles or tubs
-glass bottles

  • Gentle carton transfer assures quick, consistent carton feeding, even in the event of upstream stoppage
  • Advanced Allen Bradley touchscreen controls simplify operation and troubleshooting
  • Easy-to-use control panel saves time
  • Quick, easy tool free changeover
  • No-can, no-carton feature detects missing cans before insertion into cartons and reduces downtime



  • Fully Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine
  • Continuous Motion Cartoning
  • 360+ Cans Per Minute
  • Package 8-24 Packs
  • Tool-Free Changeover
  • Automatic Glue Station

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Climax Can Cartoner