Climax “Can-Do” Automated Beverage Can Cartoner

The “Can-Do” Automated Can Cartoner is a continuous motion cartoner that loads suitcase style cartons at up to 360+ cans per minute . This cartoning machine can accommodate all patterns from 8-24 packs and easily handles 12oz to 16oz standard cans or bottles (glass or plastic). Designed to be the most versatile can cartoner on the market. The Climax Packaging Machinery CanDO 360 will take your packaging line to a new level. READ MORE



CanDo Can Hand Packing Station

The CanDo Semi-Automatic Can Packer is ideal for breweries or beverage companies with small runs. This semi-automated machine requires hand loading, but completely automates the gluing operation at (22) 12-packs per minute. Because it is hand loaded, it can also be configured to create variety packs of assorted flavors. It’s a minimal cost machine that requires manual effort but offers total flexibility. Don’t worry about gluing boxes. An automatic glue system is built into this machine!

• Manual Labor – Minimal Cost
• 2, 3, 4 or 6 flavors into a case
• 12 CPM (two 12-packs/case)


The Multi-Packer is a great beverage cartoning machine for customers in the energy drink market, breweries, and specialty drink manufacturers.  This machine can handle a Z-View type carton as well as a totally enclosed carton.  Runs up to 30 cartons per minute and is available in a dual lane configuration that produces up tp 60 cartons per minute. READ MORE