Climax Packaging Machinery has sold over 6,000 packaging machines since 1916!

For Climax Packaging Machinery, it’s about creating packaging solutions and high quality packaging machines to the case packing, uncasing and cartoning businesses that separates Climax Packaging Machinery from other packaging equipment manufacturers.

With packaging machine sales throughout the United States, Canada and Central America, Climax Packaging Machinery Machinery provides economical and innovative packaging equipment to the beverage, household chemical, food, automotive after-market and blow molding industries.

Built in Cincinnati, OH for over 50 years, Climax Packaging Machinery packaging machines are built with attention to detail to deliver a system that works!

Why buy Climax? Simple, because it’s built better!

NEW Climax Packaging Machinery Strate-Line Case Packer:

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NEW Climax Packaging Machinery CanDO 360:

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest in NEW Packaging Machinery Now

  1. The reliability of a new packaging system will increase the overall throughput of you packaging operation.
  2. Less maintenance will be required leaving your key employees more time to work on other key projects.
  3. You get a system that is designed for your package, speed and floor space requirements.
  4. One major breakdown could leave your packaging line crippled and down until new parts arrive. (If you can find them.)
  5. New Packaging Machinery is an investment in you companies future!

If You Want One Company That Will Stand Behind Your Packaging Machine With Support You Can Count On…

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…And Here’s 3 Reasons NOT to Hire Us

  1. If you’re purely shopping on price… We’ll tell you upfront that we’re NOT the cheapest manufacturer on the block, but we’re not the most expensive either. This means…If you’re looking for a cheap machine built at the lowest possible cost, then we’re not for you. (We’re a dedicated packaging machinery company, not a one size fits all company moonlighting as one. We know these machines inside and out. All of our machines come with a Climax Guarantee and a 12 month parts warranty.
  2. You don’t care about support and having an emergency backup team you can count on… (If this is the case, then we suggest you find a used machine supplier that doesn’t care about this either. We are all about support and service. We want to work with clients that understand the value in having a long-term relationship.)
  3. You’re not concerned about the job being done properly. (All of our machines are built in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have been building packaging machines since 1916 and have sold over 6,000 of them.


Climax Packaging Machinery has built a solid reputation of standing behind its equipment, and wants to establish a firm obligation to all of our customers. It is Climax’s normal procedure to invite its clients to attend a run-off of their equipment prior to acceptance. It is at this time that you will have all questions answered regarding the performance of the machinery. If it is not performing according to the specifications of the proposal, you should simply not accept the equipment until Climax corrects the situation.


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“The Crisco Facility of the JM Smucker Company has been working with Climax Packaging since early 2005. To summarize our relationship over the years…when confronted with an issue, we have been able to sit down with the Climax team, develop a good solution and then produce the finished product. The support has always been top notch and extremely creative… thinking out of the box. It doesn’t matter if it’s just making a machined part better, improving a design, or fabricating a machine to meet our specific needs…Climax has been there.”
Richard Cappola
Packaging Department Technical Leader
Crisco Facility, JM Smucker Company
April 17, 2014


The world leader in uncasing. Climax Packaging Machinery builds uncasers for rigid containers.

Climax EUI Series Uncasers

Climax Packaging Variety Pack Rainbow Systems for beverages.

Variety Pack Systems

Climax Packaging Machinery Soft Case Packer designed for wine and beer bottle packaging and uncasing

Case Packers

Craft Beer and Beverage Cartoning Machine

Beer Can Cartoner





If You Want One Company That Will Stand Behind Your Packaging Machine With Support You Can Count On…

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Email, Or Call Us With Your Questions
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