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About Us

Climax Packaging Machinery has sold over 6,000 packaging machines since 1916!
Why buy Climax? Simple, because it’s built better!

For Climax Packaging Machinery, it’s about creating packaging solutions and high quality packaging machines to the case packing, uncasing and cartoning businesses that separates Climax Packaging Machinery from other packaging equipment manufacturers. With packaging machine sales throughout the United States, Canada and Central America, Climax Packaging Machinery Machinery provides economical and innovative packaging equipment to the beverage, household chemical, food, automotive after-market and blow molding industries. Built in Cincinnati, OH for over 50 years, Climax Packaging Machinery packaging machines are built with attention to detail to deliver a system that works!

  • Case Packers

    Affordable and reliable case packing solutions.

  • Uncasers

    Our EUI series uncasers are the standard for the industry.

  • Cartoners

    Sturdy and reliable cartoning solutions.

  • Robotic Case Packing

    Proven Robotic Case Packing solutions from a trusted packaging macchinery manufacturer.


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