Over 6,000 packaging machines sold since 1916!

For Climax Packaging Machinery, it’s about creating packaging solutions and high quality packaging machines to the case packing, uncasing and can cartoning businesses that separates Climax Packaging Machinery from other packaging equipment manufacturers.

With packaging machine sales throughout the United States, Canada and Central America, Climax Packaging Machinery provides economical and innovative packaging equipment to the beverage, household chemical, food, automotive after-market and blow molding industries.

Built in Cincinnati, OH for over 50 years, Climax Packaging machines are built with attention to detail to deliver a system that works!

Why buy Climax? Simple, because it’s built better!

NEW Climax Packaging Machinery CanDO 360:


Climax has built a solid reputation of standing behind its equipment, and wants to establish a firm obligation to all of our customers. It is Climax’s normal procedure to invite its clients to attend a run-off of their equipment prior to acceptance. It is at this time that you will have all questions answered regarding the performance of the machinery. If it is not performing according to the specifications of the proposal, you should simply not accept the equipment until Climax corrects the situation.


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